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I jump around a bit when painting figures. Sometimes you get stuck while trying to determine colors or schemes and "is that flashing or part of the figure?" So don't be surprised to see a miniature revisited from time to time.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Side Project :: WIP :: Mountain Base w/ Marble Boulder

As I tend to do, I had a side basing project today for our Paint Day here in the Finger Lakes of New York.

So I present the ...

Mountain Base w/ Marble Boulder.

The pieces are obviously, Bark (from Mosser Lee Garden Gag), Marble stone (from Lowes, loose in the parking lot), Play Sand, and Loctite Super Glue and Bob Smith Industries 103 Super Thin Glue.  All of that is mounted on a 3.75-inch Square Trivet from the dollar store. The bark and sand has Reaper Brush-on Sealer on it to allow a good surface for painting.

Once the sealer dry, I primed it with Reaper Grey Primer and then washed it with Reaper Coal Black.*

From there, I coated the sand that I could see with the Reaper Sparkling Snow.*

Finally, I started working on my finished rock colors.

I went with Reaper Redstone Shadow, Reaper Turkey Brown,* and Reaper Tanned Shadow as a highlight color.

* Reaper Coal Black, Reaper Sparkling Snow, and Turkey Brown are part of Reaper's special Holiday Set which was available for a limited time on their website.

Amusingly, this brought it back towards the original bark colors.

If you hadn't guessed it, I am leaving the marble piece alone for the moment.  I do expect to coat it with Testors DullCote later which should dull the sheen making the boulder fit in with the scale a bit more.

Of course, it'll be fun to find the perfect mini to go with this big piece.

Here's an option...

Reaper Miniatures' 77314: Golan, Hill Giant by Jason Wiebe

Enjoy and Stay Tuned!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Show Off :: The Skull Collector :: 02877 :: Mountain Troll :: Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures'

Mountain Troll

The Skull Collector

This Reaper Miniatures Mountain Troll, sculpted by Ben Siens, is inspired by the Abomination from Marvel Comics as seen in the early years of the Incredible Hulk.  The Abomination has an interesting overall look to his skin. It's scaly and leathery, and naturally, green for a gamma irradiated monster.  The back muscles of the miniature immediately reminded me of the Abomination so I ran with it.  You can see for yourself how the artists drew and colored him...

copyright - Marvel

As per usual, my buddy @Ub3r's Ubsession complained that there weren't enough SKULLZ on the last miniature I posted so this one's all about the SKULLZ!  Using some loose skulls from Toad King Castings as well as a trio on a flat piece, I built a skull pile of freshly peeled human sized skulls.  I placed one in the corner for the one that rolled away a bit.  And in his hand, the Skull Collector has an ogre skull to add to his growing pile.

I used paints from Reaper Miniatures, mainly the Moss Triad as his skin tones, my recently acquired Army Painter Warpaints, some Scale 75 metallic paints for the armor and axe and a few Vallejo paints.  The troll is mounted on a piece of slate with his integral base merged with sand and ballast to bring the terrain level.  The bush and vines are both created from moss.  To see most everything done to him, check out his WIP.

He's joining my Joten Horde for mashing the adventurers.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WIP :: Mountain Troll :: Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures

Mountain Troll

Scaly Abomination

The ball keeps rolling, so next up direct from the shelf of shame is Reaper Miniature's Mountain Troll, sculpted by Ben Siens, that looks like he escaped from an episode of He-man.  I spent a decent amount of time cleaning the mold offset this guy suffered from ... see?

I attacked the previously primed beasty with my regular size metal files.  I managed to get a lot of the mold offset settled but I am fairly certain I couldn't resolve all of it so it will get painted into the "mini" to look like it belongs or to hide it.

For this guy I plan to use my recently acquired Reaper Moss Triad as his skin tones. If you take a close look at his back in the next pics, you'll see that his muscles are long and segmented.  They stand out quite nicely.

As I painted the shadow color, Reaper Jungle Moss, I realized that his muscles were laid out along the lines of the Abomination from the Incredible Hulk comics; not the one from the movie.

© Marvel

So after adding the midtone, Reaper Highland Moss, I added the highlight, Reaper Pale Lichen, along the length of the muscles at the bottom to give the impression of lizard scale or segments.

This gave the big guy such a cool look.  From here it's time to start on the other parts of him.

I decided that I wanted to start with a really dark metal as the basecoat for his armor and weapon so I pulled out Scale 75 Black Metal and applied that.  From there, I did the leather straps, pouch and his fanny pack (on his left hip) in Reaper Griffon Tan.  He has these adjusters on his straps and an arm band around his right bicep.  So I first painted them with the Reaper Griffon Tan and then went over those with another of my latest acquisitions, The Army Painter Warpaints Wrath color from the set, The Army Painter "The Others 7 Sins".

Then the remaining leather and his horn got a sickly green basecoat of The Army Painter Warpaints Envy from the same set.  This will get covered with some lighter colors up to an off white/light tan ... I think.

At this point he kind of looks like the Abomination got community service working a crosswalk for a school with his safety colors. But those should mute a bit as I add more colors to this piece.  I was tempted briefly to paint his axe red and slop paint the letters S.T. and O.P. in white on both sides.

For those wondering, his base will receive some bark to represent rocks and I think a nicely piled set of freshly peeled skulls.  He likes to organize them.

Enjoy and Stay Tuned!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Show Off :: Copper Dragon on Marbled Tiled Hex Base :: 03430 :: Young Swamp Dragon :: Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures

Young Swamp Dragon

Copper Dragon on Marbled Tiled Hex Base

At the monthly Paint Day I host in Seneca Falls, NY ... Finger Lakes Paint and Game Day ... a Reaper forumite came up for a visit from down near NYC.  He brought with him some great pieces of marble tiles that were left over from a floor installation.  These tiles are 3/8 inches thick and one inch to a side hexagons of white marble.  He gave me several before he left to return home.

Not long after that day, I decided to utilize one of his amazing pieces of marble for the Reaper Miniatures Young Swamp Dragon, sculpted by Kevin Williams, that had been sitting in his blister pack on the wall above my work table.  But I wanted to really utilize the gleaming white marble and pay an homage to the base.  So using plastic squares as individually placed tiles I set out to make a marble floor on top of the marble base.

The base turned out wonderfully.  But what kind of dragon was I interested in painting?  I certainly wasn't interested in making him a "swamp" dragon.  After some thought and a comparison of size to some of my other dragons, I decided he would be a copper dragon.

But that led to the idea that the copper dragons would molt their skins like lizards and snakes.  This molting would in fact take the form of verdigris (copper rust) and form around the outside of the dragon as it slept for long periods.  I set out to create a verdigris combination of paints to paint on his wings and underbelly.

But after some conversations with other artists and a specific comment from the provider of the marble tile, I decided the dragon was shaking off his molt and scattering bits of the verdigris around the floor and that his wings were still not finished molting and that hardened bits were still attached to the dragon.

To see everything that went on in the production of this piece, please check out ... WIP 1 | WIP 2.

Thus, I present to you, my copper dragon:


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Show Off :: Harrow, Reidlar of Terror :: 14012 :: Gauntfield :: Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures


Harrow, Reidlar of Terror

I bought Gauntfield to specifically use him as my terrifying Reidlar (embodiment of emotions/thoughts), Harrow, for my custom campaign, Markshire.  The miniature was perfect for the character ... a detailed scarecrow with a scythe and a bag of bones and other tidbits who pulls unwary adventurers and children into his "Courtyard" to terrorize them with his smaller scarecrows stuffed with raven feathers and twisted ash sticks.

This great miniature by Bob Ridolfi was based on a metal slug and I slowly created an eerie, dead tree from skewers, rocks, green stuff, and finally green putty.  Then after it was assembled and painted, I decided he needed a pile of leaves around his legs.  Ones drawn together by his magic so you'll see traceries of fell yellow magic outlining the leaves.

You can see all of the steps leading to this finished piece on WIP 1 | WIP 2 | WIP 3.

I present, Harrow.